Last updated: 2022-10-10

We Build Communities and Connect People!

Strim Social is a next-generation social media platform that connects users globally. By creating a page for a business or a brand you represent, you can grow it through promoting and sharing pages on your news feed. Find your community by joining groups and following other users of interest. By creating an account you are engaging with a community of people who want the same thing as you, a social media app you can trust and feel secure using.

This is why We Are The Next Generation Community!

We believe real change starts from a conversation. This is why here, your voice matters. We keep you protected at all times, including your data, and what you post. You are 100% in control of your account and everything you post. We fight against the data selling other platforms are doing to other third-party software. At Strim Social we advocate a free, secure, and open social media platform.

Core Values

Strim Social's Core Value is Trust, Transparency, Honesty, and Freedom for the community.

Our Mission

To give people the convenience and trust to build their community and to connect with the world without risking their data or information. We bring people closer to their friends, families, businesses, and communities together.

Our Vision

To be able to build the present and future generation a safer online platform. A much safer and more convenient platform to connect, and represent their selves, what they stand for, and what they intend on building online.

About Us

Together, We the Strim Social Team have built a better vision for the next-generation social platform. That aims to have a safer, more secure, and open social media community for everyone.

Meet The Founder

Mr. Timoteo Venturanza Lapa is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strim Social LLC. He has been working on Strim Social since its creation in 2020, the project started as a small vision to have a newer social media platform that can serve as a safe, sustainable, and secure digital environment for its users. Dedicated to creating an alternative social media platform for everyone.

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